5 Free Online Graphic Designing Tools to Use for Your Next Project

5 Free Online Graphic Designing Tools to Use for Your Next Project

TOOLS / JULY 3, 2019

Free online graphic design tools will not only save you money but time as well. A designer has to multitask between various projects every single day. Like any other creative field, design demands a good deal of concentration and stamina.

When you need to juggle between say sketching several designs for different clients, acting on updates and/or reviews, communicating with your team members, presenting a mock-up of the product– all at the same time, anything that will speed up your workflow and save you at least 10 minutes a day – is worth a try!

Here are our top 5 recommendations for free online graphic designing tools to use for your next project-

1. BeFunky

BeFunky is a great platform to design online. It features three main tools, i.e. Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Designer. For more professional instruments, you can also subscribe to BeFunky. Popular for its cartoonizer, oil painting, and pop art effects, BeFunky is absolutely user-friendly and does not require any prior skills in design.

2. Canva

If you are looking to give your project a professional finish, Canva is your choice #1. With numerous filters and options to choose from, Canva offers optimum quality at hand. What’s great is, Canva’s potential is not just limited to photo designing online. Click on its Features tab to discover what types of documents you can bring to life. Creating imagery that looks professional has never been easier!

3. Infogram

Famous for its ease of use, Infogram is an excellent online graphic design tool! Infogram offers a free subscription plan with numerous advantages. For example, there are 37+ interactive charts types to choose from and 10 map types for creating ten projects with the max 3 pages in a project. Inforgram specializes in areas of media, marketing, and education. With eye-catching infographics, reports, charts, dashboards, and social media visuals, Infogram is perfect to leave an impact on your audience.

4. Crello

With an impressive image library with 65 million files, 33 formats, 12k templates, and 240 fonts – Crello boasts of versatility for image designing online. From Instagram ads to business cards, Crello can be used for creating almost all possible designs. So, if you are looking to create an image design online, Crello is an absolutely handy graphic design tool!

5. Design Wizard

Looking for an online graphic designing software that produces high-quality visual content in minutes? Your search ends here with Design Wizard! This website gives access to thousands of templates and 1 million images to create stunning graphics. Its main feature is its ‘magic resize’ button that allows you to quickly transform the size of the template while you are creating an image. Individuals and businesses can successfully achieve their goals of building a brand through visual content.

These online graphic designing tools will give your work a professional and sleek finish- without you having to shell out a rupee. The best part is that these graphics designing tools will help you save time and optimize your working day!