5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Outsourcing An Embroidery Digitizing Service

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Outsourcing An Embroidery Digitizing Service


When it comes to embroidery digitizing, some designs can be complicated like say animals while some could be simple lettering. Clients also come forward with customized digitizing requirements which are usually customer supplied logo or art. A basic lettering design or logo could use an average embroider with limited computer skills. But that’s not the case when it comes to customized digitizing. Converting art into custom designs requires expertise. So the question for embroiderers remains whether or not they should learn how to digitize in-house or outsource their embroidery digitizing.

The digitizing of high-quality design is a craft that requires minimum breaks and minimum stitches. It requires long hours of training, practice, and quality experience of graphic designing. For a start-up process where the embroidery shops have a minimum or no prior embroidery experience, the best option is to outsource digitizing as there are many skills to learn.

The call to digitize in-house or outsource can be assessed with the following considerations:


Embroidery digitizing requires special software to run the design which increases production costs. One of the major reasons to outsource embroidery digitizing services is cost-cutting. When outsourcing, the fixed costs turn into variables which contributes to direct capital. The capital can be used to invest in embroidery machines as well as marketing and advertising. This is the best way to avoid large expenditures at the beginning of your embroidery business.


It takes several weeks or even months to hire skilled people, train them, and provide the support they need. A good outsourced firm has not only got the resources required to produce top-notch embroidery designs but also the means to start a project immediately.


Embroidery businesses tend to be smaller ones with limited sources. The manager has constrained time and attention. By outsourcing your digitizing work, you could use all your time to place all your focus on the work that serves the client. This can help managers to set their priorities more lucratively.


Most of the small embroidery firms can’t afford to match the quality that actual in-house embroidery digitizing services that larger organizations maintain. By relying upon a skilled digitizer, you can provide quality work and reach higher production yields.

Volume of designs

If your business reaches the point of high demand then an in-house digitizer could be a good economic decision to expand the growth of your embroidery digitizing services.

Clean edge embroidery designs are the pillars of any successful embroidery business. They make you stand out from the competition and show off your craft and skills. Outsourcing digitizing is a business tip that will save you time, improve quality and add profitability to your embroidery business.